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Hunter Property Services understands that no two landlords are the same.  With this in mind we have our traditional Property Management Packages and then our boutique style Flexible Management.

Some of our landlords would like to rent and forget and others are a hands on more active type landlord.  We are here to fit in with you!

The Hunter Property Services Management Approach:

Step 1

Our first step is always to sit down with you and have an obligation free chat to understand your needs and wants.  We understand that one size may not always fit all.

Step 2

We then go away and prepare a Property Management system that is structured to fit your individual needs.  We believe that by establishing and building a strong relationship with our clients we have smooth running tenancies.

Throughout the Management of your Property…

  • We always aim for the best suited tenant for your property.  Remember each property is treated as if it was our own.  So, when your property is up for lease or renewal be assured you have peace of mind.
  • We strive to ensure that your property is vacant between leases for the shortest period of time possible.
  • Given the current market and your property, Hunter Property Services will always attract the best rental income possible for you.
  • Hunter Property Services is a boutique Property Management service, with this in mind we are not your normal 9 to 5 office.  We are able to offer open houses and private inspections at different times of the day and weekends.  By doing this we engage a larger audience and we get a chance to engage with potential tenants at greater length.
  • When we believe we have enough potential applicants we proceed to thoroughly check each of them.  We then sit down and provide you with our recommendations and advice.

Property Management Appraisal

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