What is an Auction?

An Auction is held to sell a pry at a set time to a group of interested buyers.

The Auction is conducted by an Auctioneer and the sale of the property usually goes to the highest bidder on the day.

It is important to be prepared for an Auction before you bid because there is no cooling off period.  Once you have been identified as the successful bidder the property is sold.

Points to remember:

  • there is no cooling off period after the exchange of contracts at Auction
  • you must have your deposit ready on the day
  • if the reserve (the minimum amount the owner will accept for the property) is not reached the   property can be passed in.  This then usually means that the Real Estate Agent will negotiate with the highest bidder to achieve a sale price closer to the reserve price.

If you are not confident to bid at an Auction you can ask a Buyer’s Agent.  They can take all the stress out of the Auction bidding process for you.


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